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Panerama Beach Palms

February 4, 2011 February 4, 2011

Spring 2011: Miami Beach

Join the founders of Claris Law, The Injury Board, Radius of Influence, Winning Works and Glenn Gutek of Atticus Consulting, in Miami Beach on Friday, February 4, 2011, the day before the start of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Winter Convention, as we share decades of collective knowledge about the three most important aspects of your […]

Location : Miami Beach

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Brandon Smith – Attended ROI 2009

Brandon Smith

“This approach has been a tremendous asset to us in terms of cases, referrals, and developing lasting relationships with others. I can certainly attest, based on our experience, that any firm that gets involved and uses its full potential will certainly see the rewards.” Brandon’s comments relate to techniques taught at various Claris Law, Inc. […]

David Rowell – Attended ROI 2009

David Rowell

“The conference was great. I was also tremendously impressed by the obvious passion of the organization. The commitment of this group to the concept of justice and to changing the dialogue regarding trial lawyers is very heartening.”

Mike Bryant – Attended ROI 2010

Mike Bryant

“… it’s great to be involved with something that works and is positive for the profession. … We are very happy with our results.” Mike’s comments relate to techniques taught at various Claris Law, Inc. events, including The ROI Conference. Portions of Prevailing Practices will feature content from ROI conferences.

Mark Bello – Attended ROI 2010

Mark Bello

“This was an OUTSTANDING event! Social networking tools are the marketing opportunities of the 21st century. The more we, as lawyers, learn about the various media outlets and opportunities available and the ethical ways to use them, the better. That is exactly what this seminar provided. It was a terrific nuts and bolts event for any lawyer interested in utilizing these tools in their practice.”

Pete Mackey – Attended ROI 2010

Pete Mackey

“I came down to the last meeting cautiously optimistic – I left a true believer. I am totally convinced that this is the future path for law firms like mine.”

David Mittleman – Attended ROI 2009

David Mittleman

“I have been going to legal seminars for over 20 years – this conference provided me with more valuable information about marketing my firm than any other that I have ever been to. BRAVO!!”

Social Media ROI: I Know It When I See It

Social Media ROI: I Know It When I See It

I don’t think you can measure the ROI of social media participation. To be sure, there are all sorts of consultants out there who will tell you otherwise, but I just don’t believe them. And even if they could, why bother? To my mind, you’re either a believer or you’re not. It’s kind of like […]

The Meek may inherit the earth, but not the Law Firm

The Meek may inherit the earth, but not the Law Firm

Meek individuals don’t form law firms – it’s often those with strong opinions and big personalities who take the risk. So when it comes to leading firm retreats we train our Practice Advisors on all the sticky issues that accompany typical partnerships: compensation problems, succession planning difficulties, cash flow and profitability issues, resistance to client […]

Social Media for Trial Lawyers

Social Media for Trial Lawyers

The good folks over at Duct Tape Marketing have put together a great ebook titled Let’s Talk: Social Media for Business.   It’s free and no registration is required. It’s not specific to law, but the concepts apply nonetheless. It’s a great general overview of social media that’s very clear and concise, and great for those that feel a little […]

Your Best Clients: Where do they come from?

Your Best Clients: Where do they come from?

While there are those who are very successful at mass media advertising, I believe that for most of us, the answer does not lie in TV, radio, billboards or the yellow pages. Last week I conducted a very informal survey asking trial attorneys where their best cases (not necessarily most) typically come from. Nearly 90% said referrals […]

What’s in a Name? The Client that Got Away.

What’s in a Name? The Client that Got Away.

In this space we take pains to educate the trial bar about the growing importance of word-of-mouth and reputation marketing. With rapidly increasing frequency, consumers of all things, including the services of trial lawyers, are turning to their trusted networks of friends and collegaues for suggestions. When they get a name or two, the next […]